How to Choose the Right Not-for-Profit Outsourced Accounting Firm


Outsourcing your accounting needs for your Not for Profit can be a strategic move to streamline operations and return focus to your core mission.

However, choosing the right outsourced accounting firm is crucial for maintaining your financial health, ensuring compliance, and growing your impact.


Our Checklist for Selecting a Specialist Not for Profit Accounting Firm

Finding a firm that is a Not for Profit specialist, and is driven by accounting for good purposes and growing your impact can feel like a challenging process.

Use this comprehensive checklist to guide you through the selection process.


1. Assess Your Not for Profit’s Needs

  • Identify the specific services you require (e.g., accounting, payroll, reporting).
  • Determine the volume and complexity of your financial transactions.

2. Research Firms that Specialise in Not for Profit Accounting and are Committed to Accounting for Good Purposes 

  • Look for firms that specialise in the not-for-profit sector.
  • Ensure the firm employs qualified accountants, such as Chartered Accountants (CA) and Certified Practising Accountants (CPA).

3. Understand Technological Capabilities 

  • Ensure the firm uses modern accounting software and technology.
  • Check for secure data handling practices and cybersecurity measures.
  • Confirm they offer cloud-based accounting solutions for real-time access to financial data.

4. Assess Communication and Support 

  • Evaluate their responsiveness and clarity in communication.
  • Ensure they offer a dedicated account manager or point of contact.
  • Check their availability and support during your business hours.

5. Consider Costs and Fees

  • Compare pricing structures (e.g., hourly rates vs. fixed fees). A fixed fee model gives your organisation the ability to plan ahead and know exactly what your accounting fees will be.
  • Ensure there are no hidden charges and the services offered align with the costs.

6. Analyse Their Approach to Compliance and Risk Management

  • Ensure they are up-to-date with current laws and regulations.
  • Check their processes for managing financial risks and ensuring compliance.

7. Avoid Offshoring Staff 

  • Ensure the firm does not offshore critical accounting tasks, which can lead to security risks and communication issues.
  • Opt for firms that employ local, qualified professionals to maintain quality and reliability.

Importance of Experience, Technology, and Client Testimonials


An accounting firm with a solid track record in the not-for-profit sector will understand the unique challenges and compliance requirements you face. Their experience can lead to more effective financial management and strategic advice.


Leveraging advanced accounting software and technology can streamline processes, reduce errors, and provide real-time financial insights. This efficiency is critical for making informed decisions and maintaining transparency.

Client Testimonials

Positive testimonials and references are indicators of the firm’s reliability and quality of service. They offer insight into the firm’s ability to deliver on promises and maintain client satisfaction.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Outsourcing

When outsourcing, it’s essential to steer clear of common mistakes that can compromise the quality and effectiveness of the services received. One major error is not conducting thorough research on potential firms, which can lead to selecting providers that offer poor service and struggle with compliance issues.

Additionally, overlooking compatibility can be problematic; a firm that doesn’t understand your industry or operational needs is likely to provide misaligned services. Ignoring the technological fit is another mistake, as using outdated technology can hinder efficiency and data security. Poor communication can lead to misunderstandings and delays in financial reporting, making it crucial to choose a firm that values clear and timely communication.

Lastly, focusing solely on cost can be detrimental; opting for the cheapest option often results in substandard services and hidden fees. Being aware of these common mistakes can help ensure a successful outsourcing partnership.

How We Can Assist with Outsourced Accounting

At The Breakthrough Office, we specialise in providing tailored accounting solutions for not-for-profit organisations. Our team comprises highly qualified Chartered Accountants (CA) and Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) who are committed to delivering exceptional service.

We do not offshore any of our tasks, ensuring that you receive consistent, high-quality support from local professionals. With our cutting-edge technology and client-focused approach, we ensure that your financial needs are met with the highest standards of professionalism.

Contact us today to learn how we can support your mission.

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