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We want to be a part of contributing to a world that values, advances, and gives back to their community – and that extends to our internal team.

  • Advance together
  • Put clients first
  • Continue to learn
  • Be understanding
  • Share the journey

We are passionate about our people and committed to ensuring that our staff shares in our passion to make a difference in the world and our offices are places that are centred around learning, growing, encouraging, and championing one another.

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Work Hours

One of our core beliefs is that of a healthy life balance, this means that we do not promote a culture of working overtime or over-working.

We ensure that all team members break for lunch together every day. This provides them with an opportunity to socialise in our communal kitchens or along our favourite walking spots, or otherwise find a few minutes of quiet.

Communication and Building Team

We are one team across four locations.

Every morning, we connect in each location for a 5-minute stand up meeting to plan out our days and balance workloads as needed.

Every fortnight we meet as a complete team. Our meetings are centered around celebrating the work of our staff and clients, in their communities. They are also a place where we check in with one another, manage capacity, and listen to what is working or what may not be.

We offer monthly training catchups to ensure our staff continue to learn and develop their skills, and have personalised training goals built into each staff member’s PDs.

Social events

We are intentional in continuing our “family” culture of encouraging one another, laughing together, and connecting with one another by having quarterly social events for all offices. Our social events range from lunches, to dinners, to other fun team activities.

We love celebrating milestones (in and outside of work) – birthdays, life events, completion of study, and more – and sharing in life stages together.

Life-long Learning

We believe that learning and growing is a privilege. We are passionate about developing and building upon our knowledge, skills and experiences to best serve our clients. To this end, we have an internal, dedicated “learning” manager to help you plan and succeed in your study. Our LMS Library also allows you to continue to grow your skills, at your own pace, and is accessible to all staff.

Community Volunteering

We know that passion transforms The Breakthrough Office from a “job” to an organisation that is making a difference. In recognising our passion for making a difference in the world, we provide two days of paid leave annually so that our staff can volunteer in their local communities.

1 x your choice of organisation and 1 x team volunteering day at one of our client sites.

Contribute to making the World better

The Breakthrough Office has a commitment to contributing a portion of our profits to several organisations; through regular, monthly and quarterly donations to various organisations. Our staff play an important role in helping to nominate our donation recipients.

As well as this, each office location has pro bono clients that they provide the same, high-level services to.


We recognise that to be part of a world that values, advances, and gives back to their community, we need to take active steps to protect that world. At the Breakthrough Office we have transitioned all of our work to be paperless – from invoice processing to contract signing – to address a common environmental issue in our industry.

All staff are provided with keep cups, we have water stations available to refill reusable water bottles, and there are various notetaking and task-based software on hand to replace notebooks.


If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, we would love for you to get in touch.

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