An end-to-end accounting solution, including all Accounting, BAS, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable processes, as well as specialist business advisory services. Specialising in Not-for-Profit accounting with expert knowledge managing donations and tax-deductible receipts; reporting and acquitting of programs and grant funding; and, overseeing reporting obligations with various Regulatory Bodies.

End-to-End Solution

In recognising the importance of up-to-date and accurate financial records to make timely and effective decisions in your organisation, we provide a tailored, end-to-end accounting package.

Our suite of services include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, maintaining an Asset Register, and Debtor Management; as well as monthly Management and Board reporting, ensuring your organisation will have a high-quality set of accounts at all times.


Understanding the current state of your business is incredibly important to meet the high level of regulation and compliance requirements, and strict reporting standards that are constantly changing. Our team of Accountants, in recognising the complex nature of this space, provide engaging and easy-to-understand reports that offer insights to help you make informed decisions.

Key reports include:

  • Annual reporting, including drafting all working papers for External Auditors
  • Preparing Acquittals for Grant Funders
  • Three-way Budgeting, Forecasting, and Business Planning
  • BAS and IAS
  • FBT Reporting, and preparing FBT Returns
  • Financial Reports Board Papers
  • Program-specific Reporting

Grants and Donations

Acknowledging that funding is integral to the Not-for-Profit space, our team will support you in managing all funding sources; particularly for grants and donations received. Key functions of our services include managing grant funding, ensuring that it is correctly reported and allocated to grant-approved expenses; assisting with grant modelling and applications; drafting acquittals; receipting tax-deductible donations; and other funding-specific tasks.

Specific to The Breakthrough Office, we allocate income and expenses to the relevant grant/program on a real-time basis; ensuring that we fully capture and record all relevant transactions, and allowing you to have up-to-date data on the available funding.

Software Solutions

As part of our service offering, and in recognising limited-funding available in this space, we provide a suite of software solutions to both streamline and automate accounting tasks and functions. Our software suite includes: expense management, e-logbooks, virtual cards, and other cloud-based software.

CFO Services

The Breakthrough Office provides a CFO-offering, led by our experienced, Qualified Accountants (CPA/CA). Our CFO services guide with data, driving important strategic decisions, identifying and managing risk, and automating tasks to assist you with scaling.

In recognising the importance of financial literacy to drive strategic decision making, the CFO package also includes training and educating key stakeholders on financial reporting. In doing so, our financial reporting is also customisable to your organisation’s needs and KPIs.
Our Qualified Accountants are available and experienced in attending Financial Committee Meetings, Board Meetings, and Annual General Meetings.


Governance support to ensure you meet regulatory reporting requirements, and remain up to date to effectively manage compliance and risk.

In acknowledging the interconnectivity between financial information and governance, we have a designated team to ensure all deadlines are met. We also provide a cohesive Board solution to ensure compliance and efficiency for you and your Board.

Regulatory Reporting

The Breakthrough Office are registered ASIC Agents, enabling us to provide assistance for you to remain up-to-date and compliant with regulators. Our regulatory services include ASIC and ACNC Updates, AIS Drafting and Submissions, and other government and grant-funder regulatory submissions.

In facilitating our governance support, we are focused on ensuring compliance and good governance standards are maintained by your organisation.

Insurance Register

Noting the interconnectivity of the finance and governance areas of an organization, insurance registers are created and maintained by our team; ensuring that your insurance policies remain up to date. Our team also assists in contacting Not-for-Profit insurance brokers to facilitate quotations and reviews of insurance policies.

Governance Projects

The Breakthrough Office’s team are able to assist with a variety of governance projects, including:

  • ACNC or DGR Registration
  • Obtaining Fundraising Licenses
  • Changing Financial Year End dates
  • Constitution Reviews
  • Changing Company Structure or Organisation Details

Our Governance team are passionate about relieving the administrative burden of these projects, while also ensuring that you have informed control over the project. Our team will work alongside you and your Board to streamline applications and registrations.

Board Governance

As part of our service offering, we have partnered with a Board Governance software which allows for meeting schedules, minutes, actions, and interests to be centralised in one place so that they can be accessed at any time by yourself, the Board, and auditors.


Supporting the processing and management of HR-related matters and documents (contracts, policies and procedures); ensuring ongoing compliance with employment legislation. Our HR Team supports your organisation by providing HR advice; and, relieves the administrative burden by overseeing onboarding and offboarding, and drafting HR-related documents for e-signing. Our service offering also includes access to various templates, ensuring your policies and procedures are compliant with current employment legislation.

Employee Onboarding to Offboarding

Our HR Team provides support from onboarding to offboarding of employees. Our services include:

  • Drafting contracts for e-signing
  • Automating onboarding workflows and induction processes
  • Collecting and storing key certifications
  • Updating and re-issuing contracts and other HR Documents
  • Recording assets that have been assigned to employees
  • Overseeing the offboarding of employees

In providing the above services, our HR Team use software that automates processes and allows for managers to have complete oversight of HR documents and processes.

Policies and Procedures

In recognising the complex and convoluted nature of Employment Law, our team have worked alongside Employment Lawyers to develop template policies and procedures. These documents are updated on an ongoing basis to reflect the changing nature of this area of law.

All clients also have access to a Compliance Audit, which comprehensively reviews existing policies and procedures against current legislation and Fair Work Guidance.

Our HR team further relieves administrative burden by facilitating the e-signing of policies by staff, and stores digital signatures to allow for reporting where required.

HR Advice

Identifying the limited funding available to Not-for-Profits to provide HR support, led to the engagement of HR Partners that provides assistance and advice in dealing with HR matters. Our HR Partners provide guidance on all HR-related queries in a timely and detailed manner; allowing you to effectively and compliantly address any HR-related matters.

HR Reporting

Our HR package extends to reporting on key metrics and KPIs, as established by your management teams’ requirements. The HR software package allows for the streamlining of data collecting and reporting, enabling you to access this data on a real-time basis. Key metrics are also captured in our Board Reporting, enabling full oversight to facilitate informed discussions and decision making.


End-to-end payroll processing and reporting, ensuring award compliance and a streamlined workflow. Our team has expertise in Not-for-Profit payroll processing, specifically FBT and Salary Sacrifice requirements, as well as award interpretation and ensuring compliance with various regulatory instruments.

End-to-End Solution

Our payroll solution includes end-to-end payroll processing. As part of our service offering, we provide several timesheet solutions to best suit the individual needs of your organisation. The Breakthrough Office’s payroll team perform detailed checks of every timesheet that is processed, ensuring all time has been accurately captured and paid. In doing so, key insights are identified and reported back to your management team.

Award Interpretation and Compliance

Our payroll team are experienced in ensuring compliance with all Awards. In recognising the unique-nature of each Award, our team provides guidance to your organisation so you are aware of key rules and compliance requirements.

Salary Sacrifice

Our suite of services include the facilitating of salary sacrifice arrangements, which are compliant with the ATO requirements. Our payroll team works alongside our accounting team to provide ongoing reporting on the FBT impacts of Salary Sacrifice, as well as ensuring all individuals are receiving their applicable Salary Sacrifice benefits.


The Breakthrough Office oversees compliance and payroll-related projects for our clients, including the rollout of STP reporting. In fulfilling ongoing reporting requirements, we ensure our systems remain up to date and reflective of current regulatory requirements and guidelines.

Corporate Secretarial Services

In addition to our End-to-End solution we also offer Corporate Secretarial Services as a standalone service offering.

Designed to support your organisation’s governance and compliance needs, our services include:

  • Creation and ongoing development of policies, procedures, registers, and other documents relevant to the life cycle of the Board.
  • Drafting and lodging key regulatory documents, including ASIC and ACNC lodgements.
  • Preparing agendas, board packs, and minutes through our board governance software.

If you are interested in exploring these services please reach out to us to discuss how we could support your organisation through this offering.

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One-off projects and company setups; providing support in the establishment and set up of your organisation. The Breakthrough Office are passionate about working alongside organisations at all stages – including startups. Our services are customisable to the individual needs of your organisation. Please note prices are indicative only. To obtain a fixed quotation, please contact our team.

Company Setup

  • Constitution Drafting
  • Organisation Registration
  • ACNC Application
  • DGR Registration
  • Bank Set Up

From $3,900 + GST.

Tax Registrations


  • GST
  • FBT
  • PAYG

From $800 + GST.

Policies and Procedures

  • Access to a full suite of template policies and procedures
  • Discussion around key policies for your organization to review and implement

From $1,400 + GST.

Other Registrations

  • Obtaining Fundraising Licenses
  • Changing Financial Year End dates
  • Constitution Reviews
  • Changing Company Structure or Organisation Details

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