Cultural Agreement

The Breakthrough Office Culture agreement aims to reflect the heart behind The Breakthrough Office, and the vision and purpose we have for our staff and clients. The Breakthrough Office was established from a passion to make a difference in the world – accounting and finances are just what we are good at. Subsequently, we are passionate about walking alongside Not-for-Profit organisations and minimising the administrative burden of accounting, financial, and corporate governance tasks. We believe that in supporting organisations to achieve their breakthrough, their communities will also see breakthrough.

In line with this, this agreement is aimed at providing a common set of principles for how we work through challenges, how we support each other, and how we sustain a culture that brings out the best in our people. As a team, we recognise culture to be the shared set of values, goals, practices, and beliefs – all of which set us apart as an accounting firm. We are not a usual accounting firm, which is something we pride ourselves on; however, our passion and heart for making a difference does not minimise our responsibility to produce work of a high standard.

The following outlines our key principles and, in signing this document, you are making a commitment to do ‘your bit’ in maintaining a healthy and effective workplace culture.

As part of The Breakthrough Office team, I agree to:

  • Bring passion and enthusiasm to the workplace, remembering that we are working with amazing organisations, doing amazing things. Our passion fuels our work and reminds us that we are doing more than just “accounting” or “compliance” work. We deliver work of a high standard and in efficient ways – we are consistent with our checks and reviews to continue to grow and improve our outputs. Passion transforms The Breakthrough Office from a “job” to an organisation that is making a difference.
  • Advance ourselves, each other, and our clients. Historically we called this “empowering”. However, in recognising that each of us has different skills, knowledge, and life experiences – all of which has resulted in us embodying our own power – we have transformed our understanding and deliberately reframed to advancing our gifts, talents, and knowledge. In bringing this to The Breakthrough Office, we are creating a culture of learning, growing, and advancing so that no one leaves the same way as when they came in. Our differences are what makes us strong. Drawing on those different opinions with a willingness to grow and work towards solutions together, achieves best outcomes for our clients.
  • Continue to learn. Learning and growing as humans is a privilege. At The Breakthrough Office, we are passionate about continuing to further our knowledge and skills to best support clients. We commit to staying up to date on technological advancements, changing legislation and guidelines, and training resources, enabling us to best serve our clients.
  • Communicate with respect and integrity, creating a workplace that is open for discussion and questions. In communicating with one another and our clients, we always maintain professionalism. We maintain integrity in our work and our communications, ensuring that it underpins every facet of The Breakthrough Office. We respect the knowledge and experience of others, fostering an environment that is open and supportive.
  • Encourage one another, celebrate successes, and laugh together. The Breakthrough Office should be a safe, warm, and inviting workplace. Share the journey, look after, and champion one another. Work should be a fun, passion-fueled environment. It is in looking after yourself and each other you can do your best work.

In working with clients of Breakthrough Accounting I agree to:

  • Put clients first, remembering that clients are our focus and our reason for existing as a service.
  • Recognise that our clients are working in extremely confronting and challenging spaces. We are here to support them, while still delivering on our services. This may mean that we sometimes need to work in different or creative ways to support our clients in producing/providing the resources we are requesting.
  • Understand that there are varying levels of financial, computer, and written-literacy. We aim to deliver our services in a number of different formats to best support individuals. Advancing our clients to know and understand the financial information we are giving is a privilege.
  • Recognise the individual needs and differences of the clients we work with. This requires our service to be flexible to individual circumstances and adaptable to the changing needs of clients. We do not provide a one-size-fits-all service.
  • Produce detailed work of a high standard, recognising that funding and donations is what allows organisations to do the work they are doing. We always double check and ask questions where needed.