Breakthrough solutions for Not-for-Profits.

Outsourced Not for Profit accounting, governance, human resources, and payroll solutions – under one roof.


  • From process to progress
We acknowledge and pay respect to the Traditional Owners, to their Elders past and present, and to their Cultures throughout Australia. We recognise the First Nations Peoples’ custodianship over deep time, and connection to lands, waters, and communities.

The Breakthrough Office is a leading Not for Profit accounting specialist. We support Not For Profits to achieve breakthrough by filling in the gaps. No solution is a one-size-fits-all; but rather tailored for your organisation, furthering your impact and opening new doors for future growth.


Specialising in Not-for-Profit accounting, The Breakthrough Office provides an end-to-end service offering including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, maintaining an Asset Register, and Debtor Management; as well as monthly Management and Board reporting, ensuring your organisation will have a high-quality set of accounts at all times.


Governance support to ensure you meet regulatory reporting requirements, and remain up to date to effectively manage compliance and risk.


Supporting the processing and management of HR-related matters and documents (contracts, policies and procedures); ensuring ongoing compliance with employment legislation.


End-to-end payroll processing and reporting, ensuring award compliance and a streamlined workflow.


Struggling to find Expertise in NFP Sector?

Our team includes Qualified CPA and CA Accountants, with over 25 years of experience in Not-for-Profit Accounting. We recognise that For-Profit and Not-for-Profit accounting have key differences, which is why our organisation provides a customized service offering for the Not-for-Profit sector.


Inundated with Administrative Burden?

Our team are diligent about ensuring you always have one source of truth across your accounts, governance, HR, and payroll. This is achieved through both streamlining workflows and integrating systems, enabling your data to always be up-to-date and accurate.


Have you outgrown your current system controls?

Audit opinion, growth, outdated technology, and other key areas of risk can create weaknesses in your system controls. Our team are experienced in identifying and addressing risk; by implementing workflows and facilitating training on risk management, we provide up-to-date and efficient mechanisms of system controls.


Flexible service, fixed fee

Situations change, but your fee shouldn’t. Avoid hidden fees, billing for additional time, or changing circumstances with our fixed fee promise. Access any of our services across accounting, governance, HR, or payroll whenever you might need them. All of our clients contracts include a 60-day notice clause, meaning that any any stage you can cancel our services – no questions asked.



By supporting organisations to achieve breakthrough, their communities will also see breakthrough. We want to be a part of contributing to a world that values; gives back to their community; and, walks alongside to promote and advance others. By assisting organisations with services that are not part of their core-business functions, they will have more capacity to focus on their purpose and community.


Packed with inclusions

Our service is packed with inclusions to keep your organisation streamlined – including access to Xero, TANDA, Employment Hero, GPSI, ProSpend, BoardPro, and more for your organisation. All systems are streamlined, and we’ll manage the set-up for your organisation. Our service offering is end-to-end; inclusive of all softwares and solutions.

  • From burden to breakthrough