5 Creative Fundraising Ideas for Not-for-Profits in Australia



Fundraising plays a crucial role in underpinning the work of not-for-profit organisations in Australia. However, finding unique and engaging fundraising ideas can be a challenge.

In this blog post, we will explore five creative fundraising ideas that can help boost your organisation’s revenue and further your organisation’s community reach.


1. Community Events

Organising community events such as charity walks, fun runs, or barbeques are excellent ways to engage people while raising funds for your cause. Participants can collect pledges from their friends and family, creating a sense of community involvement.

Community events can also be creative ways to show the work your organisation is doing – while also raising awareness and much needed funds. This space can often be overlooked or seen as an outdated means of fundraising. However, connecting with the community is essential to raise awareness and support in many forms – which can oftentimes lead to donations.


2. Charity Auctions

Auctions provide an opportunity to showcase donated items or services and give supporters the chance to bid on them. Auctions, whether conducted live or online, offer a remarkable avenue to not only display the generosity of donated items and services, but also provide an incredible opportunity for supporters to engage in spirited bidding.

By including a diverse array of items such as art pieces, unique experiences, gift certificates, and countless other exclusive offerings, auctions create an atmosphere that fosters excitement and healthy competition among bidders. As a result, the funds raised through these auctions can soar to new heights, enabling organizations to achieve their fundraising goals with unprecedented success.


3. Fundraising Dinners/Galas

Host a formal dinner or gala event where attendees purchase tickets to support your organisation. Enhance the experience by including additional revenue streams such as silent auctions or raffles during the event. This allows guests to contribute while enjoying an evening of entertainment and networking.

Dinner and gala events also allow you to have opportunities to present your company impact and future goals/plans to guests and donors. In creating intimate environments or points of engagement, dinners and galas allow you to further your network reach and accelerate fundraising goals.


4. Crowdfunding Campaigns

Harness the power of social media by setting up a crowdfunding campaign on platforms like Shout for Good, where NFPs are exempt from fees.

Share your organisation’s story and goals, encouraging people to donate small amounts towards your cause. Engage supporters through regular updates on the progress of your campaign to maintain momentum.

Crowdfunding provides a story to donors, allowing them to partner with your organisation to see the impact behind their giving.


5. Corporate Partnerships

Forge partnerships with corporations that align with your organisation’s mission and values. Seek financial support from these companies in exchange for recognition through branding opportunities or joint marketing initiatives. Corporate sponsorships can provide a significant boost to your fundraising efforts.

Corporate partnerships can also be structured to allow their staff to participate in workplace giving initiatives or secondments to provide key skill support for upcoming programs.



Fundraising is critical for not-for-profit organisations in Australia,and innovative ideas are essential to maximise results. These five creative fundraising ideas offer diverse approaches tailored for different audiences. Community events, charity auctions, fundraising dinners, galas, and crowdfunding campaigns foster community involvement. While corporate partnerships enable valuable financial contributions. Choose strategies suited best for reaching out effectively while creating lasting impact within communities you serve.


How we can assist?

The Breakthrough Office are passionate about working with not-for-profits to relieve the administrative burden in accounting, HR, governance, and payroll.

When undertaking fundraising events and initiatives, we always recommend you to meet with our accounting and governance team to implement budgets, obtain adequate insurance cover, apply for the applicable licenses and permits (state based), and to create transparency in reporting.

Please contact our team if you have any upcoming initiatives that you would like more information for.



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